Meet the New and Improved LockerShelf 2.0!

We've taken the original LockerShelf double-shelf system and our Ultimate Organizer double-shelf and redesigned the vertical wall-supports taking advantage of special high-strength plastics to make the LockerShelf stronger and lighter than ever before. The good news, LockerShelf 2.0 functions EXACTLY the same way as the original model, but it's lighter and stronger. The even better news, less plastic means a smaller environmental footprint for each unit which helps us do our part to preserve our environment. You'll find the new 2.0 design on all our double-shelf systems except for the MINI-Double. Units are in stock and ready to ship!

LockerShelf is a locker organization system designed to fit lockers like “built in” shelving.

  • SIZES TO FIT ALL SCHOOL LOCKERS- 9"-12"-15" are the most common.
  • The LockerShelf fits snug against the sides of a locker so papers, pens and pencils can’t fall through the cracks. A second groove provides added flexibility and adjustability.
  • Big enough to handle extra large folders, binders and books.
  • Precision-cut groove makes shelves easy to install and provides strength and stability.
  • Constructed of recycled PVC that yields incredible strength (>150lbs) and durability with minimal weight.
  • Interchangeable shelves, so if the LockerShelf needs to be used in a different size locker, new shelves can be ordered without replacing the whole assembly.