The Company


The LockerShelf™ Company was founded for one principle purpose: to provide an innovative locker storage solution to the academic marketplace. Why? Because students have lots of stuff these days, and lockers, with virtually no shelving, makes it difficult for them to stay organized. The average student will access his/her locker over 8000 times during his/her school experience so why not give them the tools to stay organized—especially something as simple as locker shelves!

Simply Put: “The LockerShelf™ provides a locker shelf solution that help students get organized, stay organized and make the most of their academic experience.”


The LockerShelf™ Company is a family project as it was my children that recognized the need for a high quality locker storage solution. Their ideas and constant feedback helped develop and refine the lockerShelf™ to make it the best solution in the marketplace today!


As the product developed, it became apparent that it would have many non academic uses. The robust and simple construction make an ideal product for any locker application. Whether it be a hospital, police department, branch of the military or virtually any company that has uniformed employees. The best part about the design is that it can be tailored or customized for a wide variety of applications.

“I do envision the LockerShelf™ as the best solution for any locker configuration and look forward to the expansion of this product into many different market sectors.”


The LockerShelf™ Company believes in providing an important, beneficial role in our community. I encourage school districts and other organizations with special needs and/or limited resources to reach out to The LockerShelf™ Company and together we can develop a solution to get the product to where it is needed.


The LockerShelf™ is made with 70% recycled plastic demonstrating our commitment to mother Earth and the importance of green initiatives.