The Perfect PTA School Fundraiser

Looking for a fundraising idea that everybody will love?

Are you tired of trying to raise money by selling the same old things? Pizzas, cookies, raffle tickets, candy and everybody’s favorite, magazines? By the time our children get to high school there have been 110 fundraisers a year for the past 9 years it seems like, and if you're like most parents you've already bought enough stuff to last a lifetime. It's easy to recognize the importance of supporting fundraising endeavors, but wouldn't it be nice to be given the opportunity to buy something useful and beneficial for childrens' academic experience?

Sellling locker shelves by LockerShelf is just that opportunity!

LockerShelf is offering school fundraising organizations the opportunity to sell locker shelves for fund-raising applications. Its simple, easy and worthwhile!

LockerShelf offers unique products that promote students' organizational habits.

  • Fits like Built-In Shelving
  • Durable, "Built-To-Last"
  • Simple Locker Installation
  • Promotes Organizational Skills
  • Easy Purchase for Parents
  • Sell a Useful Product
  • Up to 40% Profit Margin
  • Streamlined Sales Process
  • Low Overhead & Marketing Support
  • Gets Students Involved

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