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The LockerShelf
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Measuring the Width

You need to measure the INSIDE width of your locker- most school lockers are 9" or 12" or 15" wide ( there are some 7.5" and 18"). There are NO in between sizes ( e.g. 9.5") so you don't need an exact measurement. An 8.5 x 11″ piece of paper serves as an excellent measurement reference

Choosing the Height

Lockers also come in 1, 2, and 3-tier variations. The double shelf fits 1 and 2 tier lockers and the single shelf and mini-double fit all 3 locker styles.

And Remember...

LockerShelf is not freestanding and gets its strength and durability from the walls of the locker so it is important that you choose the right width when ordering.

Locker Shelf Organizers

Double Shelf System

Double Shelf System

A locker shelf that fits lockers like "built in" shelving Learn More
Single Shelf System

Single Shelf System

Short lockers now have a solution made just for them. The single locker shelf unit works exactly like the double except with only one shelf. Learn More
Mini Double Shelf System

Mini Double Shelf System

Standing a mere 15.5" tall the mini double provides 2 - levels of storage (6" apart) to maximize and organize the smallest of spaces. Learn More