Double Shelf System

A locker shelf that fits lockers like "built in" shelving

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The Double LockerShelf provides unparalleled functionality and durability for anybody that wants a better way to organize their lockers. A number of options for shelf placement give the Double LockerShelf added versatility. Easy to install and built with durable, recycled PVC, the locker shelf is designed to last as long as you need a locker organizer. Dimensions: 26" Tall x 9.5" Deep designed to fit standard school locker widths: 9" -12" -15" ( 7.5" and 18" are also available)
Measuring the Width

Lockers come in standard widths of 7.5, 9, 12, 15 and 18 inches. If you don't have a ruler handy an 8.5 x 11″ piece of paper makes a good reference

Choosing the Height

Lockers also come in 1, 2, and 3-tier variations. The double shelf fits 1 and 2 tier lockers and the single shelf and mini-double fit all 3 locker styles.

And Remember...

LockerShelf™ is not freestanding and gets its strength and durability from the walls of the locker so it is important that you choose the right width when ordering.

LockerShelf Installation

Installation is a breeze — The Locker Shelf has been successfully tested in all leading (and some not so leading) brands of lockers. Just start with an empty locker, put the sides in with the LockerShelf logo right-side up, slide one support up a few inches until you can insert the shelf easily at a diagonal angle. Let the side down and the shelf will lock into place. Once you do it — you will be amazed at how simple the installation is and how strong the shelves are!

Locker Shelf

The LockerShelf can be installed in a number of different configurations to meet each individual student’s organizational needs. Be creative!

Customer Reviews

Good Long-Lasting Shelves!! Review by Elle Belle
These shelves were perfect for my daughter's lockers!! They fit so much stuff and are very sturdy & girls ended up spray painting them because the gray color is quite dull & boring. That is my only complaint is that you make more color choices for those who love to add pizzazz and color to there lockers, as my girly daughters love doing. Strong enough to hold up through 2 years use by both my Seventh grader and eleventh grader so far! And hoping for more great years with these shelves to come! We have tried multiple cheaper wire shelves, like from staples, target, etc....but none have lasted for more than 3 months without a problem! Love these shelves! Next year, when my daughter goes into 8th grade and gets a full size locker, I will be buying more! Amazing!!! (Posted on 8/10/2016)
love these shelves Review by mom of 3
we own two sets of these shelves. They fit our middle school lockers. The shelves are simple to install and easily pop apart at the end of the year. We have reused our shelves each year and now that my oldest is moving on to high school we are passing the shelves down to my youngest child. The shelves show no sign of wear. Our lockers are never narrow (7.5 inch size) so having the extra shelves is necessary to make everything fit and stay organized. (Posted on 8/6/2016)
Could not be more satisfied! Review by Seely, VA
I ordered this system for my daughter's super skinny middle school locker last year and it was absolutely perfect! Not only is it a great solution to lockers that don't accommodate standard width store-bought locker shelves, but they are far sturdier and can be used each year. My daughter is on year two with these shelves and they still look brand new. Perfect for our PTA fundraiser! (Posted on 9/5/2015)
I’m sooooo happy!!! Review by Pittman, NJ
The shelves went in with no problem, and they are exactly what my boys needed to keep them more organized and fully utilize their lockers. Combined with a dry erase board, a magnetized pencil cup and a collage of their favorite pictures and an inspirational quote, they’re ready to take on the world of middle school!!! I gave their guidance counselor a copy of your brochure. Thanks so much. (Posted on 6/1/2014)