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I’m sooooo happy!!! The shelves went in with no problem, and they are exactly what my boys needed to keep them more organized and fully utilize their lockers. Combined with a dry erase board, a magnetized pencil cup and a collage of their favorite pictures and an inspirational quote, they’re ready to take on the world of middle school!!! I gave their guidance counselor a copy of your brochure. Thanks so much.
Pitman, NJ
We finally got a chance to install the locker shelf today. It fit as advertised. The shelf fit liked a glove. Thanks for coming up with such a great solution for all the disorganized school lockers. It is much sturdier than all the other products out there, and at a comparable price. Our daughter loves it! We wish you lots of success, and will definitely recommend it to others.
Sunset, Maine
Got the shelves last week. Installed the shelves in my son’s locker yesterday. They look great. I know it will make a big difference in Michaels school life. What a great product you designed, we will be able to use them for a very long time.
Ontario, Canada
The locker shelves work great (but you already knew they would)! I spoke to the boss this morning and he would like to go ahead and order 75 of them. What I am going to need is a part number from you and an exact price (each locker/shipping/ total). Once I have that I can forward it to our secretary. Thank you kindly,
Steve from Suncorp Energy
I meant to email you! They work perfectly!! We are going to place orders asap and hopefully get these kids organized :) I will be in touch as soon as we get our full order completed and we can go from there!
M. Kinney, Troy, Michigan
Thanks again! My Son's locker is organized and looks great. I’m sure you will be hearing from a number of parents who witnessed the transformation of my son's locker.
B.Smith, NY, NY
They are absolutely ideal! They fit the safe like a custom made glove: just barely enough play to allow for easyassembly, but fully assembled, they're nice and tight - not wobbly at all.
Steve Williams, Orangeburg, SC
They are awesome! I love mine - very easy to set up!!! And I get so much more use out of my locker. Thanks again & hope you enjoy your day,
Sonia Burgett, Admin. Assistant, Emergency Services, Suncor Energy
Just wanted to let you know that the system fits perfectly.  I have  passed all the info to some friends of mine who want to get shelves, like I got.  (same size and extra shelf) Thanks again,
Mike Butera,  Boston, MA, 2010
I used the extenders today and they worked out perfect!!!  I couldn't be happier.  I am watching all these other kids with those goofy wire shelves and kind of chuckling. I did note from you site that you have fundraising opportunities.  Can you tell me what grades you find that most centered towards?  I was thinking the elementary ages or at least the K-5 schools here because they have lockers at those schools, too.  Then they have the locker gear for years!  I want to pass the info on to someone, and wanted to get your opinion. I had also referred a friend of mine to you and she got her's today and she's thrilled.
LR, Illinois, 2010
First, I want to tell you how great the locker shelves are. They are far better than the flimsy metal ones sold in office supply stores and they fit the skinny locker perfectly! They were simple to install. Second, I would like some information on your school fundraising program. Third, I need to order one or two more sets of shelves. Is there any savings on the shipping expense if 2 sets are shipped together? (2 sets of 12" double shelves). A classmate and friend of my son wants to order, also. Thanks for the great shelves! :)
LC, North Carolina, 2010
We recently moved into a new gym containing odd-sized lockers with no shelves. I looked everywhere for something to organize my mess, with no luck, until I found Lockershelf. I couldn't be happier with the quality product and outstanding service I have received. Not only did they create a custom, durable shelf to fit my locker, they did it with amazing speed and for an unbelievably low price.
Jack Fisher, Houston, Texas, 2010
We received the locker shelf and are very pleased with its quality. I have purchased flimsy locker shelves for $15 that fall apart after the first 6-12 weeks of school. I consider it a deal to get a great quality one for $25. Now I am hopeful that this one will last all year. The warranty is just a bonus. Thanks so much.
B.W., Carrollton, Texas, 2010
I spoke to you about 10 days ago and ordered a 12inch double locker from you. Thank you so much!! It is simple and fabulous....It's just what I wish I had invented myself. You may be getting lots more orders from the area and Hampton Roads Academy. Thanks again
Nancy Lia, Williamsburg, VA, 2010
The 3" extenders worked perfectly:) Thank you again for your help and follow through! Best wishes for continued success!
West Palm Beach, Florida, 2010
I just got my lockershelf in the mail and I'm totally satisfied with it. Can you sell me a shelf divider. It came with two but I would like another one to make three. let me know a price and whatever that's fine. let me know
Houston, Texas 2011
We purchased from you last year and have been getting a lot of questions about placing an order this year. I want to confirm that we can still purchase from you? We are planning to email out an order form to parents and wanted to verify prior to sending. I anticipate that we will see a very good increase in sales this time as most of the freshman class inquired at orientation about ordering. Let me know what you think and I will get the order form out. Thanks!
Parochial School Principal, Kalamazoo, Michigan,2011
Received the Ultimate Organizer on Tuesday and installed it in my son's locker. It is great! It is way more heavy-duty than I expected for the price. He even got compliments on it from teachers that saw it when he opened his locker. I anticipate that it will last through the rest of his school career and help immensely with his organization. Thank you!
I received the shelf today. We are very pleased with it. Thank you very much!
Hi! Shelf fits great! I'll take 11 more. Please send another invoice for 11 shelves plus the credit for the one I purchased already. Thanks so much!
Tom, The shelves are great. Go ahead and add to my CC-love the shelves. Thanks!
I just wanted to email and thank you so much for getting our order out so quickly. We called to try and get overnight shipping but was told you do not offer that. As it was we received our order overnight anyway. Again thank you!
The McReynolds Family-August 31, 2012
Dear LockerShelf, I just received the ultimate locker shelf kit that I ordered only about 24 hours ago. I had talked with your customer service rep yesterday afternoon, when she predicted it would arrive early next week. I've been very impressed with your customer service and shipping speed, and have high hopes that the shelf, when my child installs it at school, will be just as good. Have a wonderful weekend,
B. Chen-August 31, 2012
Thanks so much for the locker shelf?.got it last Friday, installed it on Monday, have been enjoying it ever since!
Just wanted you to know that we purchased this shelf for my daughter at the beginning of the school year and it has been perfect for her middle school locker. It is sturdy and has held up great. It enabled her to keep a very organized locker. She will use it again next year.
Jennifer Bolton, May 23, 2013
This product is amazing! We're in a shared space in our school and most of the teacher storage space is in lockers. I've had all the lockers in my classroom fitted with lockershelf and I'm starting on my shared space in the hallway. I've passed on your info to all my colleagues who have started to increase and organize their storage space more efficiently. I wish I had some 'before' pictures to send you, but I can definitely provide the 'after' photos!
Sarah Smith, June 17, 2013- Explore Charter Schools New York
The 11" shelves work great and my son loves them. He even took a picture of his locker to show me. Two of his friends said they are going to order the same, so don't be surprised if you get some more 11" orders.
JM, Stanford, KY, 2010

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